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Subject:   419 Nigerian Scam Awareness
Date:   Tue, 7 Oct 2003 16:41:34 -0700 
How is this for something just short of amazing?
A Michigan woman working for a major corporation as an accountant, got a request via e-mail from someone billing himself as a Nigerian dignitary needing her help to effect the recovery and transfer of $180 million dollars.
All she had to do was to provide him with a telephone number, and a fax number ,and she also had to set up a bank account in her name at a bank in the United States for the successful transfer of the money into her account, for which she would earn a seeming king's ransom as her commission, for her time and effort.
But, first, she needed to provide this unknown gentleman with advance funds to help him pay some bribes and necessary fees. 
So, pay she did...from her personal account and her Corporation's bank account!
Now, as a result, she is out of her own personal investment and has also been accused of embezzling more than $2 million dollars from her employer between February and August of 2002 to finance the scheme.
She innocently and honestly planned to pay it back to her corporate employer when she received her promised $20.5 million from her Nigerian business partner.
Of course, she never got a cent!
She had simply fallen for one of the most common scams on the entire Internet, THE NIGERIAN 419 SCAM.
As of this posting, she has been indicted on 13 counts of wire fraud and could face a stiff federal jail sentence!
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The deal was worth $264 million...and it was going to be the easiest money anybody ever made. Smooth talking Jakinde Lawanson has a sure-fire way of selling this bogus deal to a bunch of greedy and unsuspecting foreigners.

All they have to do was come to Nigeria and meet the man behind the deal, Dr. Egoma Onwuelingo.

And thereafter send a worthless shipment of car and airplane parts to Lagos...

This video depicts the successful Nigerian 419 Scam in Action before your very eyes! 

Nigerian 419 Scams:
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